The Best of the Cheap Beers


For most of us who have a beer or two a night, the price of the beer is a factor but not the most important one. The taste of the beer and its quality play a major role in our choice of beer. But some of us, who are used to drinking a lot, and we mean a lot, the price of the beer become the number one factor for choosing their beer for the night. So what beers have attractive prices and still a reasonable flavor and quality? here are a couple of recommendations:

Busch Light

If flavor is what you’re looking for then this is not the beer for you. But it does offer value for money. So if price is an important factor then this beer should be good enough for you.


Well, we have to admit it is not the best beer in the world, but it does appeal to college students because of its cheap price and its’ branding which is all about college drinkers.

Well, now that you know how to get your cheap beer it is up to you whether to drink just a few quality beers or just go for quantity.


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