The 5 most Popular College Drinks

College is all about drinking. This much we know. But what are the most popular beverages in the college world? We have gathered the 5 most popular here:


This is the number one drink in college parties and bars. It’s cheap, it’s tasty and it makes you happy. It’s a social drink and it’s an ideal alcohol for students. The most popular beers in college are Bud Light, Budweiser, Heineken, Coors Light, Corona and Busch.


Studying into the night and need a boost of energy? Coffee is the answer. Want to go to a quiet place and talk to your best friend? Why not do it in your local Starbucks? Students just love their coffee, whether it’s a quick one on their way to their next class or a nice cup when sitting in their local coffee shop.


What a way to feel sophisticated and cool on your way to getting drunk. Wine is the drink to students who like to get drunk in style. Whether red or white, expensive or cheap, you cannot go wrong when holding a glass of wine in your hand.


This is still the number one soft drink in the world. Everybody loves a good coke. So we now know that it is not the healthiest beverage. So what, it’s tasty like hell. Pepsi cola can also do the trick.

Energy Drinks

This is a new trend that is raising some concern. Energy drinks are becoming more and more popular with students who wish to get that extra boost for a night of partying, studying or just hanging out with friends. The most popular brands are by far RED Bull and Monster but there are other popular brands like Rockstar, AMP and Xyence Xenergy who are also sold in college outlets.

Well, there you go. The 5 most popular college drinks. There are many more we could have mentioned, but then we won’t have had the 5 most popular. What do you think?

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