College Drinker

Alcohol Section

For all you alcohol freaks, tune in to read about the best alcohol for college parties, the best college bars, best ways to avoid a disastrous hangover and a lot more.
Funniest Drunken Videos

When people drink a little alcohol they become funny. When they drink a lot of alcohol they become hilarious or shall we say ridiculous? See what happens when you are wasted and too drunk to remember the next day. Will you still be drinking after you have seen the funniest drunken videos?

The Coffee Section

If you like coffee you should visit the coffee section, featuring coffee articles, gourmet coffee information, college cafes recommendations and more. Since coffee is such a major part of college life you are sure to find interesting stuff there.

Best Drinking Songs

These are songs celebrating the fun side of alcohol. They are funny, fun and great to hear. Did you know that Monty Phyton have a song dedicated to alcohol? Well they do. And so do the Simpsons. So tune in and start singing.

Drinking is a major part of our lives. We drink to live, but we also live to drink. In this day and age drinking is much more than just zipping liquid into our mouths. It is a way of life, a culture, a statement.

There is nothing that represents drinking more than college life. When you are in college almost your entire social life revolves around drinking. From having a soda in the cafeteria to drinking beer at the college bar to partying with your friends with all the alcohol you can consume or to just sitting in a café with your bodies. It is all about drinking.

That’s why it only makes sense to have a site dedicated to the college drinker.

A site for the drinker to help you enjoy and upgrade your drinking experience.  With resources about coffee, beer, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

And a site about the drinker, presenting the funniest moments in our drinking experiences. Funny videos, images and songs, celebrating drinking.

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